Family, History and Love

Wanda and I have been discussing, of late, the need to set down in writing some portion of our family history so that in the future our children and grandchildren will have the stories and tales of our lives direct from the source. The technophile that I am, I choose to do this online so that the what we write will be accessible and available for comment to our wider family (though I reserve the right to moderate those comments).

To that end, I have repurposed this blog. In coming posts, we will endeavor to provide an abridged story of our life (hey, everyone has their secrets). We're writing this for our children and their children and those that come later so elements of these tales will be familiar only to our family,

Friday, April 14, 2006

Am I a Blogger, or Am I Not?

I do like to write. I take some small amount of pride in my ability to put together words to illustrate concepts, convey ideas and thoughts, and to make a coherent argument. I’m a fairly social person in that I enjoy the company of others and I like to talk and learn from people around me. As a youth, I exchanged letters with people from around the world. I had penpals in France, England, Australia and throughout the US. Indeed, I continued my letter exchanges throughout my military career. When I was deployed, I not only received letters from my family, but from my many friends around the world. But, as much as I like to write, I just can’t seem to get this blogging process to flow smoothly and easily.

As anyone can see, my entries are inconsistent. I don’t think my life is that boring, but perhaps I’m not willing to share those things in my life that are interesting. I enjoy sharing my photography, but I don’t shoot everyday. When I do shoot, sometimes I’m not prepared to share the subjects with the rest of the virtual world. So, my dilemma is whether to continue to maintain this journal (and intensify the efforts I’m putting into it) or to call it quits and to move on to something new and different.

In the meantime, I just got a new toy. It’s a 60 GB iPod. I previously had a 1st generation 20GB iPod, but my music library has grown too large to be entirely contained within 20GB. So, I decided to upgrade and add the ability to show both photos and videos on the device. It works great, and it also synchs with my iCal and Address Book programs. This is going to be very convenient on my trip to Hawaii later this month.