Family, History and Love

Wanda and I have been discussing, of late, the need to set down in writing some portion of our family history so that in the future our children and grandchildren will have the stories and tales of our lives direct from the source. The technophile that I am, I choose to do this online so that the what we write will be accessible and available for comment to our wider family (though I reserve the right to moderate those comments).

To that end, I have repurposed this blog. In coming posts, we will endeavor to provide an abridged story of our life (hey, everyone has their secrets). We're writing this for our children and their children and those that come later so elements of these tales will be familiar only to our family,

Friday, May 13, 2005

Mac Journal

I've found a great new software program called MacJournal. It's a journaling program with the ability to actually post to the various online blogging sites. Now, if it will let me insert photos into my journal entry, I'll be all set, since my intention with this blog has been to discuss photography and photos all along. So let's see if it works with a glamour photo from a trip to the coast:

Glamour Stream